Month: October 2016


We made it back to La Paz!  After 3 1/2 months exploring the Sea of Cortez, we rolled into Marina Palmira in La Paz yesterday afternoon.  It was a bit of a strange feeling as we felt like we were coming back home.  We had only spent six weeks here earlier this summer, but we […]

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Yellow Butterflies

The locals say that when the yellow butterflies appear the hurricane season in Mexico is over. Well, let’s hope so! We are seeing the yellow butterflies everywhere. They just started appearing one day, and now they are everywhere you look. We decided to begin the journey back south to La Paz where we will cross […]

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The Dark Side of the Moon?

The new moon was two days ago. Last night headed back to the boat in the dinghy we could see thousands of stars and the milky way in the dark night sky. The night was still and the water flat and calm. When you looked over the side of the boat into the water it […]

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