Month: March 2017

On the Border

Arriving in Chiapas is a whole different experience than any other port in Mexico we have stopped at.  Because it is on the border with Guatemala, the Mexican Navy boards every boat in and out of the port to inspect it with the drug dog.  That was a first for us. As we approached Chiapas, […]

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Tehuantepec Tale

What the heck is a Tehuantepecker, and who came up with that name??? The Gulf of Tehuantepec spans about 250 miles from Huatulco to Chiapas on the Mexico/Guatemalan border.  On land is a narrow peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean.  This low lying area creates a funnel effect drawing strong winds from […]

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Road Trip!

We spent five days at sea sailing from Manzanillo to Huatulco, with a one day layover in Zihuatanejo.  The real excitement on that trip was the sailfish that we caught.  (Check out the video on our Facebook page.)  But, after so many days traveling, we were happy to arrive in Huatulco and have some time […]

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