Don’t Mess with Mother Nature

We’ve been working hard to get the boat ready to depart Newport Beach. Our planned departure date is (was) tomorrow. But, mother nature has decided to make other plans. After weeks of just beautiful weather here in Newport, there is rain forecasted for this weekend that will sweep through Southern California and onto to Baja – our exact route south! So, we’re going to wait out the storms and look for a good window to leave next week.

In the meantime, that gives us a few more days to provision some additional items and finish up some projects that we thought we were going to have to do in Mexico. I’m also going to work on a video tour of Adagio to post for you all to see our floating home and what we have done with her.

We were able to take the boat out on Sunday to try out the new sails, which worked beautifully! Adagio was a sloop rigged boat, but we added a staysail to make her a cutter. This will give us more options in different winds and make the boat a bit easier for the two of us to handle in strong winds.

We also just added mast pulpits around the mast which will make it much safer for us to work around the mast especially if the boat is heeling. We had these custom made to include holders for our scuba tanks! We are really excited about that, because our rails around the cockpit were becoming a bit crowded with the outboards, grill, propane tanks, stern anchor, etc. This is going to be MUCH nicer. You’ll see what I’m talking about when I get the video posted.

Speaking of scuba, I did finish my certification! I can’t thank the instructors enough at Dive and Photo in Costa Mesa. They were wonderful! I’m so excited to be able to dive in all of the beautiful places we are going to visit!

So, one of my last minute provisions that I’m going to include are seeds for sprouting. I met a guy recently who was into farming and suggested that we could grow our own sprouts on board, because they don’t need any soil. So cool! Do any of you have any experience with sprouting? I’m excited to try it, and I’ll let you all know how it goes.

I really am planning to post more often once we get underway. Right now has been project after project. We’re so over the projects (and so is our bank account!). One of the cool things we installed is the Iridium Go! It is a satellite hotspot that will let us make satellite calls, text, emails, and update the blog, Twitter and Facebook. If you want to be notified of updates to the blog, please subscribe. You can also get our updates on Twitter and Facebook @adagiosvoyage.

Ok, mother nature…. it is time to let us go!


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