Hello world!

Ok… so, I’m just trying to get a handle on this website/blogging thing.  My intention is to have this website updated for friends and family to follow our journey as we travel around the world in Adagio, our 1979 Cheoy Lee Offshore 41 sailboat.

We are planning to depart Newport Beach at the end of January 2016.  So, we have a few more months to get the boat ready to go.  This year has flown by, and now it is crunch time to get everything ready to go.  Our goal is to make the boat as safe as possible, but also as comfortable as possible.  After all, this is going to be our home!

Right now Adagio is down in San Diego getting ready to be hauled out.  We hauled out in Newport Beach to have the bottom painted and discovered that we have some blisters on the bottom of the boat.  We could do a temporary fix that would last us a few years, but we decided we wanted a more permanent solution.  We found a guy in San Diego who invented a technique to get rid of blisters permanently on older boats.  (I’ll save you the description of what exactly blisters are on boats and why they occur.)  Essentially the bottom of the boat will be stripped down to the fiberglass with a new layer of glass with a different type of epoxy will be applied that is supposed to keep this from happening again.

So, we’re down here in San Diego waiting to be pulled out of the water.  It is going to be about a 3 week process before we can be back in the water and sail back north to Newport Beach.  This is a delay we weren’t initially expecting, but we are going to make do.  In the meantime, the galley is still torn up as we are putting in a new stove, sink, fridge box and countertops. (I mentioned being more comfortable, right?)

I am so looking forward to the projects being done so that we can take off on the voyage.  I know Mike is too…especially because this has basically been a full time job for him for at least the last six months!


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