Project time in San Jose Del Cabo

Hello all.

After our short stay in Cabo San Lucas, we left and headed north to Marina Puerto Los Cabos.  It was a beautiful day sail and we arrived early in the afternoon on Monday 4/11.  We decided to stop in here because what we had read about the town made it sound like a cool place to see.  Also, we have quite a few involved projects that we need to complete before we head out again.  Some things that we would have liked to accomplish before we left Newport Beach but couldn’t get done in time.  Here is a list of what we are working on and have completed since we’ve been here.

  • Install new screens on all of our top opening hatches.
  • Apply a maintenance coat of Semco to all of our exterior teak wood
  • Install salt water foot pump in the galley
  • Install fresh water foot pumps in the head and galley
  • Install the new water maker (reverse osmosis desalination system)
  • Add a fan to the cabin where we sleep because it’s going to get hot here soon.
  • Fix the roller furler on the head stay.

Hard to believe that it’s already been a week and we’ve only been able to scratch a few things off of our list.  A couple of days were spent exploring the town on our new folding bikes, (Katie will be posting about this soon) and then making a run to the grocery store on our bikes which was a good experience.  We were able to make quite a haul and stock up for at least a week in one trip and it only cost us about 60 bucks.  Very nice.

Even though we are spending our days working on the boat, it has been a wonderful place to be while doing so.  The town is beautiful with lots of great restaurants at very affordable prices.  There are also many art galleries in town that we have yet to explore.

We some neighbors come in the day after we arrived.  They are fellow sailors who have been out cruising for the past 7 years.  They are English but moved to Canada many years ago and they started their cruise from somewhere in British Columbia.  We had them over for dinner the other night and it was great talking to the husband about our boat and all of our gear.  He was very complimentary and said that we had done well in outfitting our boat.  Very nice to hear from some veteran cruisers.  He did mention a couple of things that we should do so we have added those to the list as well.

Well that’s all for now.  We will be here for the remainder of the month while we work on completing our projects.

Captain Mike.

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