Running away?

Yesterday I had the brief thought that we had run away from home.  Of course, we brought our home with us, so maybe we just ran away.  Instead of getting up in the morning and putting on “grown-up clothes” to go to an office and deal with client demands, we had a pleasant breakfast on the boat while listening to the fishermen laugh outside on the dock next to us as they got ready to head out for their daily catch.

We put on our “boat clothes” of shorts and t-shirts (why bother wearing shoes!) and starting working on our chores.  Mike headed off on the bike in search of some refrigerant to add to our refrigerator, and I started scrubbing down the sand and dust that had accumulated on the deck in the last week before starting pretty much an all day project of polishing the stainless steel on the boat.  Nothing looks better on a boat than lots of shiny things!

I once heard someone refer to cruising as doing boat work in exotic locations, which is partially true.  Of course we are traveling to explore new places, learn some new things and have fabulous adventures.  But, in order to do that, there is always going to be some hard work keeping the boat maintained.

Mike came back to help me finish polishing the stainless, and then we sat in the cockpit with cold beer and some chips and guacamole later that afternoon.  It was here that I had the thought that we had run away.  As we sat quietly watching the sun dip closer to the horizon as pelicans and frigate birds circled over the harbor looking for a meal, it was then that I realized that today my cell phone didn’t ring, I didn’t receive any texts, there were no emails to respond to, I hadn’t been on the internet all day and there was no TV to distract me.  It was nice.

Our friends and family back home were probably just winding down the work day, but here we were sitting on the back of a boat in Mexico. So, maybe we did run away, but I’m ok with that!


2 thoughts on “Running away?

  1. Julia Escoto

    I love it. What a great adventure. Roman and I are sitting in our patio, him with a beer and me with a glass a wine. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. Lots if love.


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