Adventures with the Parents!

My parents came in town last week to celebrate my 40th birthday.  They stayed at a fabulous resort called Cabo Azul on the Malecon in San Jose.  It was quite damaged by the hurricane and they had to close down for 8 months, but it is reopened and beautiful.  They are still trying to get people to come down now that they are reopened, so they got a really good deal on the room.  It has numerous pools and and a swim up bar all overlooking the ocean.  I highly recommend it if you are thinking of coming down to the Cabo area.

We took a cab down to Cabo San Lucas on Wednesday and hopped on a glass bottom boat to check out the rock formations and beaches.  The water was so clear and we could see tons of fish right under the boat!

The next day we decided to take Adagio out for a sail.  We had some lovely wind that let us sail for a bit up the coastline and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

On Friday we decided just to hang out at the resort and enjoy relaxing in the gorgeous pools (and 2 for 1 margaritas at happy hour)!  But before we did that, Mom and I walked across the street from the resort for “Fish Therapy!”  This was one of the funniest things I have ever done.  It is a “pedicure” by fish!  You stick your feet in a tank of water where these little fish with suckers on them literally suck the dead skin off your feet.  Mom and I were giggling so much because it was so ticklish!

We had a lovely birthday dinner that night there are the resort.  I ordered the Red Snapper having no idea what I was getting myself into!  The waiter came back over after I ordered and said that it was a rather large fish and really for two people.  So, my mom, who had ordered a different fish, said she would change her order and split it with me.  Well, the fish was HUGE! I think it could have fed the whole table.  They brought out the entire fish, head and all, to the table.  We didn’t finish it, but it was delicious!

Overall, it was a fantastic birthday and a great end to our stay here in San Jose del Cabo.  We are getting ready to head north.  Our first stop will be Los Frailes.  We’ll keep you all updated on our next adventure!


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