Answers to Joy’s Questions

My sister Joy asked me to do a blog post responding to her questions about our adventure.  So, here goes…

Q:   Once you slay the fish, how do you get all the guts off the boat so that your “home” doesn’t smell like dead fish?  Or do things always smell like fish because you’re on a boat?

Katie:  Our boat does NOT smell like fish!  Mike fillets the fish out on the deck.  Then fillets go into ziplock bags and into the fridge and freezer. The rest of the carcass is fish food and goes back in the ocean.  We scrub down the deck with bleach to clean it.

Mike: Ditto. It is quite an arduous task and can take several hours if it is a big fish.  It also makes you not want to catch another fish for a few days!

Q:  Does Katie have dreds yet? Not a bad idea.  Just sayin.

Katie:  Nope.  No dreds.  I do wear my hair in braids a lot though.  It gets really knotted and tangled, especially if I’ve been swimming in the ocean. I have to spend a lot of time with the conditioner and a brush in the shower to get them out!

Mike: No, not yet.  But, I’m threatening to grow my hair long enough to wear a man bun. 

Q:  Exactly how dark is it when you’re out at sea in the middle of the nite?  I’m scared of the dark.

Katie:  It depends on whether the moon is out.  The moon can be pretty bright.  It might sound scary, but seeing all of the stars out at sea is pretty amazing.

Mike: It is extremely dark until the moon comes out.  If there is no moon, the amazing stars make up for the darkness.  You should read a book called “Learning to Walk in the Dark.”

Q: I’m also claustrophobic (as we know) are you guys yet?

Katie: Not claustrophobic on the boat at all! It is cozy!

Mike: Nope.

Q: How much wine do you keep on that boat?

Katie:  We had a lot of wine when we moved onto the boat, but we drank it all!  Well, we had to because the heat and motion of sailing the boat in Mexico were going to make it all go bad anyway.  Now we just drink rum. Arrgh!

Mike: None, it goes bad in the heat. 

Q: Do you have a schedule or is Katie finally living her lifelong dream of sleeping until “whenever she wants”?

Katie:  Very funny.  We actually get up at a reasonable time each day, but we rarely set an alarm. THAT is pretty nice!

Mike: It takes some prodding to get her out of the bed in the morning, but she gets up at a reasonable time. 

Q: How is Katie keeping up her Mensa certification?

Katie:  This is a long standing joke. I am not, nor have I ever been, in Mensa.  I think I’d rather hang out with the salty sailors, divers, surfers and sea gypsies than join a group for “smart” people.  Besides, I’ve met a lot of intelligent people who were complete idiots!

Mike: Katie is so smart that they gave her a lifetime membership. 

Q: What are you going to do w/ the parents in Mexico?

Katie:  Yeah!  My parents are coming to visit this week to help us celebrate my 40th birthday!  I see a lot of pina coladas in our future!  Stay tuned for pictures!


What questions to you all have for us about our adventure?  Leave the questions in the comments on the blog or on our Facebook page.  I’ll do another blog post later responding to questions.


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  1. Kit

    No man buns please! Then I will have to explain to my children why their uncle has hair like a sumo wrestler!


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